I have a Rag Doll who throws up his partially digested food almost every day neatly on my carpet, Wh

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I'm not sure if cats do this, but my dogs will hurl when they inhale their food so fast they swallow a lot of air and big chunks of food. Or, if he's not eating too fast, your kitty could have a hairball stuck down there. There are hairball medications at the pet stores you could try. Also, try feeding him just a little bit more often during the day. Try a tablespoon at a time. When that stays down, feed him more. If everything else about him seems normal, it's probably a behavior issue more than a medical issue. If you notice he is losing weight, however, it's time for at trip to the vet.
  • Carla JacobCarla Jacob ThomsonMember Posts: 3
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    It most likely is hair balls. My cats throw up sometimes and after being checked by the vet we detemined it was hair balls. Make sure kitty is not getting into any thing under the sink. I had to baby proof my kitchen cabinets. Watch for blood or anything unusual. If still concerned see your vet. Good luck, meow to all. Roosterred
  • Heidi HessenHeidi Hessen Acworth/KennesawMember Posts: 975
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    Skitzee would eat too fast at times, and yak. The other times i believe it was strictly hairball related. With the kitties we have now the 2 with the biggest problem both shed the most (thus more hair ingested). As long as there is no blood or lots of bile it is probably just behavioral. You will have to keep an eye on it. If you are still concerned ask your vet.
  • Teresa LogueTeresa Logue SpringfieldMember Posts: 13
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    My Eliot does that. I think he just eats too fast. Watch your kitty when he/she eats. Does he/she actually chew the food or just swallow it? My Eliot just swallows it. I dont know what to do to stop him from doing that except to make him leave the bowl after only a few bites, then let him back later. It helps him slow down. Most recently, I changed their food to a more protein rich food and he doesn't barf nearly as much. Foods you buy at the grocer is too full of nasty by-products so I changed to a food from a health food store that doesn't have all that gunk in it. It has real meat and veggies in it and they eat a lot less food now because they are actually full. The other stuff they would eat constantly and puke up quite a bit. It was like take out food. But, I guess I would puke a lot too if all I ate was take out! =0]
  • Angel MarksAngel Marks Kingston, OntarioMember Posts: 453
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    A cat that I used to have did this nearly every day and I took her to the vet and was told it was simply just from eating to fast. If you look at it and it doesn't look completely chewed or there are whole pieces in the vomit this is likely the case. Try feeding feeding him smaller meals more often during the day. If the vomit seems to be formed into a shape like a ball or long string of material it's likely from ingesting too much fur. You can get furball remedy at your local pet store, it helps the fur digest or pass through your kitty more easily instead of lodging in their throat. Most cats love the taste of this stuff. If neither of these descriptions seem accurate I would phone your vet/vet assistant and see what they think.
  • Jinx ClarkJinx Clark Los AngelesMember Posts: 9
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    My boy Rudy is also known as "pukey boy." I agree with everyone else, because it seems like he's inhaling his food without chewing it, whole food in his piles of barf. I'm giving him less dry food now and watching him when he eats. I make him go away from the food for a while. That seems to help. He also likes to drink out of the faucet and I watch him with that because he swallows a lot of air with the water. A true learning experience for me too. I really hate stepping in a pile of his mess in the night. I'm thinking because he's a rescue kitty he hasn't figured out yet that there's plenty of food here and he's not going to be hungry ever again.
  • Patricia SmithPatricia Smith HoustonMember Posts: 6
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    My Persian does this too...not as much as she used to however. I'm amazed at how much these long-haired cats shed. Sheba gets brushed daily ...has developed knotty furballs on her; the groomer says they "hurt." This is a $65.00 a visit operation. She's still not rid of them. The RagDoll has long hair as the Persian does yet you might try getting a good brush at PetSmart or similar stores and see how much hair is in that digested food....they shed constantly.
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