My kitten is crying ALL THE TIME, Morning, afternoon, night.HELP

SHe is 6 months old and will not stop crying, unless she is on my or my boyfriends lap. SHe will run into the other rooms in the house and just start crying as loud as she can. We have tried to ignore it, but it has been a whole day and it is annoying. I dont know if she is going into heat or if there is something wrong. I did accidently step on her tail yesterday, but she has moved it around and i massaged it and she didn't seem bothered by it. She has a twin sister that doesnt cry at all..Please help

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  • Christine JacksonChristine Jackson Member Posts: 1
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    Is that your cat in the picture? If so she looks exactly like mine (flamepoint siamese) and I think they're known for being really talkative. My cat Toby is driving me insane to the point where I can't take it anymore. I feel like a hostage on my days off to his non-stop whining. Cry to get in the house, two seconds later wants out, two seconds later back in...etc... Will go on forever crying without stopping. And he needs constant attention. Although I can't help you I'm gonna to watch this post for any help myself! Funny your cat has a quiet twin, there was another cat in my cats litter and I always wonder if they have this same problem! I have another cat and he's completely opposite, really good... I feel bad because sometimes I think I've got to give him away (I never would!) and I would go crazy wondering about him and miss him... but this is torture!
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    In my experience with animal rescue/welfare, I learned that it's the unneutered and unspayed animals who truly "cry". At certain times of the year, unspayed females will actually howl at the door to get out and mate. Males, who sense a female in heat nearby will do the same thing. My point is, if you haven't had her "fixed", she's now of the age where spaying her could solve 90% of your problems, and also prevent unwanted litters. Unless you heard something crack in Bella's tail when you stepped on it, I doubt if you did any damage. She'd be holding it funny and you wouldn't be able to touch it if it were broken. It just sounds like Bella is coming into heat. By running into other rooms, is it possible she's looking for a way out of the house? It just sounds like raging hormones with both kitties posted in this question.
  • laure bakerlaure baker Member Posts: 22
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    Please be sure to have kitty checked for a UTI or fecal impaction or blockage, this could cause a lot of constant pain for the bebe. And, if left untreated, could be fatal. Please be sure to rule these out......
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