fever cause neurological problem?

my cat had cold and then led to fever and then he couldn't stand or walk, atm he's in the vet, they got his fever down, he's on antibiotics atm, the doctor told me that there might be neurological problem causeed by fever though i don't know if thats what fever does, they told me what my cat had was weird symptoms so can you tell me what that is?

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  • Priscilla WoodPriscilla Wood TampaMember Posts: 117
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    Sorry to hear about your kitty's troubles. I'm no vet, and am unable to tell you what happened to your cat, but yes, fever can cause neurological probems. Here's how it works: Fever causes the body temperature to rise, kind of like turning on an oven. Because some of the body and the brain are made from proteins, these protein tissues react to heat, like what happens when you cook an egg. When proteins are damaged by heat, the damage cannot be reversed...like our egg example (you can't uncook an egg). However, you won't know if the damage is permanent until your vet can determine the long term effects. Hope this helps explain what your vet was talking about. Good Luck! Hannibal
  • Linda PlummerLinda Plummer GainesvilleMember Posts: 4
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    My mom told me she had a cat years ago that got a URI and the same thing happened. It was touch and go at the vet for 4 weeks! She finally pulled through, but had lost her balance or depth perception. She walked a little drunkinly and would often misjudge how high to jump when going from place to place. It was like she had a stroke. She was still able to eat and use her litter box and she was still the sweetest cat ever...a veritable purring machine. She lived to 14yrs, so don't despair. If there is neurological damage, it might not be the end of the world for your cat.
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