My 7mth old kitten is screaming all the time. What do I do?! She stops when I hold her?? I cant do t

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    First of all, what do you mean by "screaming?" Like in pain? Or is she just meowing wanting attention? If she's just meowing, wanting attention, and you say she is "screaming", then she must be annoying you bigtime. That's not good. If she's really getting on your nerves like that, then possibly you should look to re-home her. My seven month old (Izzie) pretty much amuses himself, even when he's not playing with my other cats or my dogs, or he's taking catnaps. If she is truly "screaming", then is it possible she was injured? Sick? Frightened by something? Do you have other pets who may have frightened her? She obviously feels safe with you, but at 7 months, she can follow you around and should feel safe just being in the same room without needing to be held. You can try a "scent diffuser" called "Feliway", available at pet stores, to calm her down. If you have not had her vetted yet, then it might be a good idea to take her to one just to be sure there are no health issues.
  • Karen HigbeeKaren Higbee Easton PennsylvaniaMember Posts: 74
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    Quick question? IS SHE SPAYED? This may be heat if she is not. It may also just be that she wants attention. Why don't you try getting her to play with a toy that you can throw to her. A small furry mouse or a ball that she can bat around. My brofur Himalayan cries late at night when he wants attention and giving him a toy usually settles him.
  • Janell KosmalaJanell Kosmala Member Posts: 21,487
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    She is probably in heat if she hasn't been spayed. The things females do when in heat are just amazing! They'll yowl, cry, roll around, beg for attention, try to sneak out, be more loving, and sometimes bitey. If she hasn't been spayed, I would make the appointment soon to avoid an unwanted litter. Once a cat comes in heat, they can keep coming in heat (unlike a dog where they come in heat maybe twice a year). If she's spayed, I would maybe take her in just to make sure everything is ok.
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