What can i do to get more involevment in my group?

I have a group, solving the problem, about pet overpopulation and NO ONE will respond to my threads or messages or anything! at this rate we will never 'Solve The Problem'. I dont understand, am i boring, is my cause not important, why cant i get group involement. If you have any ideas PLEASE tell me.

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  • Debbie HamiltonDebbie Hamilton Member Posts: 2
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    I know what you mean! I "inherited" four five-month old kittens toward the end of October. I have spent gas and time getting them neutered, spayed and their kitten shots and also put an ad in the paper to the tune of forty dollars for a whole month. Nobody has come to claim any of my kitties. They are pure black with yellow and copper eyes; one is black and white and a very cute tuxedo cat. I am not rich at all. My heart just would not allow me to ignore their plight after being dumped in my neighborhood. I was afraid the guy next door (who doesn't like cats) was going to shoot them to get rid of them. They are all very sweet cats & don't know how someone could just throw them away to die!
  • Jenn RJenn R RotaMember Posts: 4,431
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    I think maybe you are preaching to the choir somewhat on Catster. I know you have very important things to say, and I am sure we could benefit from having more discussion about it. But, maybe because we are a bunch of cat cherishing people, we feel sad most of us are in positions that we cannot take in more kitties when we wish we could. As the other person who posted has said, we just cannot understand how others can be so heartless and cruel, but the people who really need that education won't be found on Catster. Keep with it, though. "Bump up" important threads. Go on other active groups to meet likeminded kitts and invite them- then you know how involved they are on the site. The more cats you get to know better is the best way to get a group talking. Many cats just are not very talkative. It can be frustrating, but good luck!! ~Lancelot
  • Donna LenzDonna Lenz BethelMember Posts: 4,600 ✭✭✭
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    Perhaps you could run some type of Contest? Best ideas on how to help with getting the word out on Spay/Neutering? Support Trap/Neuter/Return? Maybe a contest for a campaign slogan, or a poster? It's hard because there are so many groups on Catster, you can't keep up with them all. So you really need something people will be enthusiastic and want to do something about.
  • Teddy RheingoldsTeddy Rheingolds San FranciscoMember Posts: 1,743
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    Spurring participation isn't always something you can force. Sometimes it takes while for things to grow and reach a critical mass. These things takes a while to build Perhaps engage with kitties in other parts of the site or invite people outside of Catster to join your group. But don't give up on it ;> In a couple months it could be very different.
  • Sandi MahanaSandi Mahana Member Posts: 4,011
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    I am having the same problem with my goup. I have even sent out group pmails saying to just respond and they'll get a rossette and no one has responded! I would say invite cats that are new to catster and when they join send them a message that welcomes them to the new group. you can also try making membership cards if you have a photo program.
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