Why do I pee all over and pull my hair out?

I was an only cat for years, and then my mom got my two brother cats (about a year apart). I've always urnited outside my litter box off and on, but I also have an issues pulling out my hair. I've almost completely balded myself on the stomach. Can my mom help me work these issues out or should I find a new single cat home where someone can give my behavioral issues the attention they really need?

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  • Claudia AulhornClaudia Aulhorn OssMember Posts: 4
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    Hi Whizzer! Has your owner taken you to the vet to make sure there is nothing wrong fysicly? This is the first thing that should be ruled out! The urinating outside the litterbox and hair pulling could be 2 different things or they might be related, maybe you feel pain or irritation in your bladder? Hair pulling can also be out of stress, or it could be an allergic reaction. The place you pull out hair (your stomach) could be a sign of flea allergy. If the vet can't find anything wrong, contact a specialist in cat behaviour, he or she can give advice in your situation. Good luck dear Whizzer!!!
  • Diane mcqDiane mcq Member Posts: 3
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    Your cat is upset about having new friends. It will take him some time to get used to them. Introduce them all together, or separately. Make them ALL feel a part of the home. As for the litter issues and eating hair, just try and be patient, but tell him to stop doing it. Talk to the cat nicely-- in some odd ways, they do "get it."- and explain things. Give him treats, (low ash) and buy him fuzzy mouse things that have fake hair or string he can chew on. Something to distract him will help. In time, he will stop doing these things. Give him lots of attention, and assure him he is still wanted and loved. They need to know this. I hope this helps. Poor kitty! Be good and be well!!! xoxo.
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