I'm sooo sick right now!!

i have a horrible cold and my nose is so stuffed up! my mom just brought home a new brother for me, and i caught his cold...I've never been sick before, so I'm not taking it very well. i haven't wanted much food, and I've been sleeping...alot. my mom cant take me to the vet right now. what can i do, or what can i tell my mom to do?

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  • Judy WilkinsJudy Wilkins MissionMember Posts: 162
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    Tell Mom to get some saline nasal drops for babies & give you a drop in each nostril to help unplug the mucus. She can use a Q-tip to wipe off mucus on the outside of your nose. Then, you should be able to breathe a little better. She an do this every hour if she has to as saline (salt water) drops are harmless. A humidifier helps lots too as long as you don't get burned on the steam. Mom just needs to be careful. For now, get Mom to feed you the *stinkiest* canned cat food that you love. If she warms it a little first, you can smell it better & might want to eat more. Small meals offered often are best. Even baby food meat is good as long as it doesn't have any onion in it (very bad for kitties). Most kitties like the taste although I hated it. (-; If Mom keeps you nice & warm, away from drafts & lets you rest lots, hopefully, you'll feel better soon. If you're still sick a week later, it would be good to see your vet anyway.
  • Cynthia LeathersCynthia Leathers Member Posts: 131
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    This is why you should always keep a new cat segregated in a separate room for a week or so. Nevertheless, an upper respiratory infection (or URI) in a cat of any age is very serious. I know this because I socialize the URI Ward at my local shelter and you cannot believe the precautions they take with getting these cats well. First of all, I'm not sure why your mom can't take you to the vet right now - if it is a money situation, you can talk to your vet to see if you can make an "IOU" arrangement for when payday comes. If it's a "holiday timing" issue, remember-cats are your family too-and a vet visit for a URI is very short. Sometimes if you just describe the symptoms to your vet over the phone they will just prescribe an inexpensive antibiotic in liquid form for you to pick up. It's a cheap medication. I urge you to have your cat seen by a vet immediately. URI's can and do kill cats. It's not like a human cold - your cat can die. Take George to the vet right away.
  • Stephanie ChangtuStephanie Changtu MiamiMember Posts: 1,175
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    Colds in cats are horible! Once I had a cold & passed it on to my whole family.I didn't eat or play. If you don't get seen by a vet you'll get funguss like my whole family did! It took a year to get rid of all the fungus. we tried everything but nothing worked! A cat cold is NOT like a human cold at all! When humans get a cold it's not that bad they sneeze and cough. Read this http://www.petcaretips.net/cat_cold.html to give you more information. Why can't your mom take you to the vet now??? It'll be good if you get seperated from your new brother.Pmail me if you have any questions... This is something no one but a vet can fix.
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