I am in Heat!!

Samantha PSamantha P Member Posts: 3
I am in heat but I want to have kittens. Is there any way to make me feel better and more comfortable? It is Winter too, can I go outside in 32-35 degree(F) weather to find a mate? Remember I want kittens, I am not getting spayed!!

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  • Judy WilkinsJudy Wilkins MissionMember Posts: 162
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    Is there any reason your owner wants more kittens from you? Specially since they're willing to let any male mate with you. Your mom may not like this answer but for your sake & other orphaned kittens, it would be better if she went to a cat rescue place or shelter & adopted some kittens from them. There's already so many babies that have no home to go to & will often end up being put to sleep for lack of someone to love them, that your mom should get her kitten(s) there instead. Having newborn kittens around is so sweet & fun but if you think of the babies & adults that get put to sleep forever, it's not fun for them.
  • Humphrey HauntedHumphrey Haunted CaliforniaMember Posts: 10,753
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    We agree 100 per cent w Morgana - spayed and neutered cats also are healthier in general. The shelters are full of kitties who are going to be put to sleep bc there are not enough homes to go around - we hope your Mom will think about it and where we live it is **mandatory** if you adopt from a shelter or an adoption orginzation, the animal is neutered or spayed before you can take them home.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I did animal rescue work for many years. I saw so much abuse that it will haunt me for the rest of my life. There are thousands and thousands of kittens in this country who need good forever homes. Thousands more are euthanized each day because there just aren't homes for them. Kittens are collected and used to bait fighting dogs. I've been at dog fighting rings and scraped up bloody parts of kittens from the cement floors. I've held fatally abused kittens while they were humanely euthanized and looked into their eyes. I've gone into homes escorted by police officers where indiscriminate breeders have had upwards of two hundred cats in their homes. We had to wear masks because of the smell. These people "wanted" kittens also and didn't give a flip about the welfare of their animals. Unless you can follow a kitten for all it's life, you can't gurantee what's going to happen to it. Make your cat "feel better" and live longer and have her spayed. It's the responsible thing to do!
  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
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    I agree with the other posters - PLEASE spay your cat! Your cat will be much happier and healthier spayed. Kittens are adorable and fun, but there are far too many unwanted cats and kittens already in this world. Any kittens your cat has would take away homes (and lives) of those in shelters waiting to (hopefully) be adopted. Please reconsider and have your cat spayed.
  • Kelly KasprzakKelly Kasprzak BreckenridgeMember Posts: 25
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    I agree with Morgana. You should just adopt because there are already enough cats and kittens having to be put to sleep because of over population. You would be better off adopting because you wouldn't have to deal with the temperature problem or mating.
  • terri echolsterri echols kalamazooMember Posts: 4,758
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    i'm confused...i thought you were already pregnant. if you're not-stop a minute and think. just going outside in the cold and shopping for your babies' daddy is NOT a good idea. you literally don't know where he's been. if you are determined to get pregnant-and it seems you are-find a male who's had his shots and arrange a breeding. even if you've had your shots they're not 100% effective, and you would be well and truly exposed to everything, not just the cold. you could pick up corona virus for example, not necessarily TOO dangerous to you, but could be fatal to your kittens. why do you want to get pregnant so badly? besides being in heat, i mean-that you can't help. but your owner can bring kittens in that already need a home so you could have kitty companions. i guess i'm saying if you must do this, do it right. find a male whose health history and veterinary record you're familiar with. don't go out hormone-crazed in the cold and risk getting lost or hurt. take care.
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysMember Posts: 15,800
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    Meow, my human knows much more about dogs than cats, but in dog breeding, the ONLY right reason to breed is for the sake of preserving and improving a certain breed. My human has read a little on cats (including cat breeding), and finds it is very similiar to dog breeding. Responsibility is stilled required. Why add to the pet overpopulation problem unless you are devoted to a certain breed of cat, anyway? (I believe in pet overpopulation in that there are not enough homes to go around for dogs and cats.)
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    I am sorry & sad to see you don't care about your cat or her health & the health of her offspring. My feral cat, Scooter came to us pregnant & had two kittens...One of which did not live 24 hours & one of which we kept but he is dying of a genetically passed down disease that there is no cure for...Because Scooter is as healthy as can be we can only assume the father cat passed it down. Plus your cat just had a litter of kittens...Back to back litters are very taxing on your cat's health. & then there is the fact that people like me who rescue end up using our own money, time, & energy to clean up the messes people like you make in contributing to an already overpopulated cat population. You leave me no choice but to assume you are a selfish & ignorant person who cares little for you cat...Nice. Oh by the way, I hope you know the people you are p-lacing these kittens with because people use them as live snake food after breaking their paws, to torture, bait to train fighting dogs etc.
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