Is it possible for female cats to be born without reproductive organs?

Kelsey HansonKelsey Hanson GeorgiaMember Posts: 6
My two year old rescue is a female, calico. She is an indoor/outdoor cat who is scared very easily, therefore we have not spayed her yet. Many times shes seemed to be in heat, but has never been pregnant. When she does let me feel of her, it seems like she has no nipples and is very loose around her lower stomach area. Im wondering if it is possible for a female cat to be born without reproductive organs, or if they can be damaged somehow?

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  • terri echolsterri echols kalamazooMember Posts: 4,758
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    umm...has she been to the vet? if she's such an easily spooked kitty, you should take care letting her be indoor/outdoor-is she microchipped? up on her shots? i have one odd possibility for you-your cat could be a chimera-i think that's the term-which is an animal that absorbs part of the genetic material from another animal that shares the womb with them. this can sometimes result in cats which have both male and female "characteristics", and such cats are frequently sterile. (the ovaries are sometimes actually undescended testicles) it's somewhat rare, though less so in animals that have large litters. it's not worth the risk. next time she goes to the vet-and she needs to go, whether she's scared or not-mention the fact that she's had many chances to get pregnant but hasn't "caught". at that point you can schedule her spay, and figure out if going on.;-)good luck
  • Judy WilkinsJudy Wilkins MissionMember Posts: 162
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    How did Travii behave when she seemed in heat? It's pretty obvious, even with quiet shy females, when in heat. Not all are noisy, but all 'present' themselves, crouching for mating with butt raised & tail to one side. Perhaps Travii hasn't come in heat yet? The age range varies a bit - from one I saw only 4 months old to Morgana, who came into heat close to 2 yrs old. She was strictly indoor & I couldn't get her spayed as soon I was wanted to (money). When I asked my vet why, he said tiny slim cats (I don't see Travii's weight listed) can take longer before they're ready. And it often needs something like the scent of a tom's urine &/or long daylight hours to trigger it. PLEASE don't take the chance of her getting pregnant with spring coming. Get her spayed as soon as you can. And if she has come into heat a number of times, it's hard on them as repeated heats increase the risks of mammary cancer developing as well as proving very frustrating for her.
  • Mariel Grimord-IshamMariel Grimord-Isham PortlandMember Posts: 14
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    It's funny, I've heard on more than one occasion that some Calico cats are born intersexed (2X & 1Y chromosomes)- that is they are two-sexed and then of course always sterile. But you what? The only people qualified to answer this question realistically are trained veterinarians in an exam room. So please take your little lovely in for this must needed appointment (my advice.)
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