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My mommy wants me to get used to Tanner and fargo but...THERE DOGS!!!!Help??

A BarberA Barber aldergroveMember Posts: 12
Mommy keeps saying I need to get used to tanner(my brother)but hes a dog and I cant!!!!When I play with tanner he keeps trying to bite me!!!!I know he's just having fun but I am just a kitten(almost one year old!!!!!!!!)But I do not like it!!!!!!!!Help?????????? HELP?????????????????????????????????????????????????? HELP??????????????????????????????????????????????????

Best Answers

  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    Accepted Answer
    Dogs and cats are not natural enemies. However, some dogs are more predatory than others, meaning they see a small creature running around and feel the need to hunt it down. If Tanner is growling and snarling at you or if he tries to grab you by the neck, Mommy better watch out and delay the "friendship" for a while. I put a plastic mesh baby gate with a cat-sized hole in the mesh in the doorway of a spare room for my kitties 'escape' route. They could fit through the hole when the dogs chased them but the dogs couldn't. The litter boxes were also in there are kept my dogs from going on archaeological digs in the boxes. It is possible to introduce cats to dogs safely. Mom needs to keep Tanner on a leash and work with him to get him used to you. She shouldn't yell at him (or you), just remove him from your presence when he tries to bite. Just throwing the two of you together isn't going to work, and if he's biting you, I would absolutely not leave you alone with him.
  • Hilary BennisonHilary Bennison Dunfermline, Fife ScotlandMember Posts: 3
    Accepted Answer
    I am Monty,a one year old cat and live with a HUGE lively dog,Max. I have been here since I was tiny so it is just life for me. I get chased and played with and when i was smaller carried around in max's mouth. Our humans still don't leave us alone togteher when they go out- one of us is shut in a room or I go outside. I have my own room with a baby gate across the door I can get through and Max can't. I get fed in there and my litter tray and toys are there so they are safe. I also have lots of hidey places around the house where Max can't reach me!My humans rubbed me with towels and put them in Max's bed so he got used to my smell. My humans say Max sees me as part of his pack now! But dont forget you are a cat and sharp claws so use them if you need to!
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisMember Posts: 1,425
    Accepted Answer
    I agree with what everyone else has said. You have to introduce SLOWLY. Let everyone get used to scents first and don't let them be together unattended. Oscar J. loves his puppy pals, but he also likes his alone, just-the-cat time while Mom and Dad are at work. Also, when you introduce them, there is going to be a certain amount of growling, hissing and/or spitting. As long as no one is hurting each other, let them work out their differences. Everyone is going to have to negotiate their position and their territory. It's just part of the package. Good luck with all your furkids!
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