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Mimi WMimi W Member Posts: 1
We just adopted a 12-week-old kitty named Mimi who is very sweet and we love very much. Her first vet appt. is coming up but before then - - I've noticed she starts wheezing pretty heavily after not all that much play. This is our first cat and I was wondering if it is normal? Are we playing with her too hard? (She chases a mouse on a string ferociously - she can jump!). Might she have a cold or kitty asthma? My human kids have had winter-time blues with colds. Can cats contract human sickness? Any other ideas?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    We aren't doctors here and cannot diagnose, but it's possible that Mimi, when she plays, starts breathing heavily and may be inhaling dust particles from your carpet or floor. Wheezing and difficulty breathing can also signal heart or lung problems, however. Check her eyes. Are they teary? Is her nose running? Does she seem lethargic? Cats who have asthma often sound like they're gagging after activity. Does she quit playing first or do you? If it's her choice, then she may be getting more tired out than young kitty should. I would hold off on the highly active playing for a while, at least until you see your vet. Keep an eye on her breathing, eyes and nose. Upper respiratory infections can be deadly for such young kitten and if she has one, she'll need to start on Clavamox right away. Involve your "human kids" in keeping an eye on Mimi as well, it's good for their sense of responsibility to Mimi!
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    I would move up your vet visit if you can. It sounds like she might have a cold or a URI (i.e., kind of like bronchitis), but I couldn't say for sure (I am not a vet). Either one would make her wheezy, and the latter especially would not go away without a course of antibiotics. She wouldn't get it from your kids, but might have gotten it from a littermate, or it might be stress-triggered (going to a new home being the stress). Anyway, once you've ruled out a URI, then maybe you might want to look into any allergens in your home. Me, I had a URI when I came home to mom, but it was definitely being exacerbated by the dust from the bookcases and furniture I liked to hide in. Once the URI was in remission, mom was able to figure out that reducing the dust would help too (but boy do I hate how much she vacuums :-/).
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