Meowmie wants to find another home for me.

Sharon SmithSharon Smith Netcong,NJMember Posts: 14
I am at my wits end w/A-rod. He is really, really bad. I have had to put things up and now he's discovered where I have put some of them and learned to open that closet door. I am getting tired of it. What can I do short of finding him a new home? At what age do kittens outgrow this stage and how do I control my anger at him?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Please read your profile page to reaquaint yourself with why you adopted A-Rod. When we adopt an animal, especially a rescue, we take them with all their faults. No animal, like no human, is perfect and some of them have some really annoying behaviors. A lot of those behaviors need to be worked with and some just need to be accepted. You mention that he gets into your closet. Does the door latch closed tight? If not, then invest in a baby-proof latch available at Lowes and Home Depot. It sounds like A-Rod is bored. Do you play with him? Does he have lots of interesting toys? Is he alone all day? Most kittens have settled down by the time they're about 9 months old if they have gotten lots of attention (and love) from their owners. However, if you find your anger with this cat is out of control and he is in danger of feeling your "wrath" and you don't have the time to work with him, then the best thing you could do is remove him from your presence and find him a new home.
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisMember Posts: 1,425
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    Agreeing with Izzie. Animals bring a ton of joy to our lives but sometimes they'll drive you to your absolute wit's end. For the closet door, you can get childproof door knob covers. We had them when our daughter was little. They work great... even for cats. :D
  • Linda DeAngeloLinda DeAngelo Los AngelesMember Posts: 76
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    Has A-Rod been neutered yet? You mention on your page that perhaps his behavior will improve when he is neutered. If you haven't done this as of yet you should get it done. It will likely help. It does sound like A-Rod is a little bored. I suggest you follow the advice the others have given you and make sure A-Rod has plenty of toys to play with while you are away and a kitty condo to climb, etc.
  • Ruth SaundersRuth Saunders Member Posts: 139
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    "Catch him being good". Don't let the only time he gets your attention be when he's doing something he's not supposed to. When he's being quiet, playing with things he should, being loving, etc., lavish on the praise and attention. Kittys really do want to please. Also, not giving attention can sometime eliminate bad behavior. Try to look at it positively- you have a very smart kitty if he is opening doors! He surely has some other great talents that you and he can be proud of. Try to work with him to bring them out. Give yourself some away time if something he does gets you annoyed and do something you really enjoy, like a movie, favorite book, or shopping. Meowmie does that and she ends up missing the transgressor. Try to forgive & forget and move on. Believe me, alot of his mischievousness will go by the wayside as he matures.
  • Kelly HendryKelly Hendry Charlottesville, VAMember Posts: 556
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    Sam is still a little devil, but he also likes to snuggle with me and talk to me. Every day when I come home he is right by the door waiting to tell me he loves me. We just make sure he gets 2 15 minute play sessions a day, the same time every day so he knows when to expect them. When he is really making me nuts I just shut him in the extra bedroom for 15 minutes so we can both mellow out. Usually he only acts up when he is bored and needs to get his energy out. Basically, this is how kittens are. Boys start to calm down a little after 2 years. Sam actually calmed down a bunch when we got Hunter, but it still pretty crazy. I just try and remember all his good qualities and the fact that he doesn't really know that what he is doing is when I got him I told me he would always be my boy, and he always will be : )
  • Gabby HassanGabby Hassan St AustellMember Posts: 5
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    "He is just too, too precious and I am so glad I got him" Other than that I am at a loss for words....... Perhaps if you are getting angry with him you should try and find him a new Furever home.
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    Everyone has pretty much covered it, but I would like to say that perhaps you can make him an indoor/outdoor enclosure? That way he can exercise his natural instincts and be able to actually HAVE FUN. If he's confined indoors ALL DAY with NO stimulation, of course he's gonna be a brat!! The kid needs exercise!!
  • Ellie WalkerEllie Walker Member Posts: 72
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    Wow, sounds like you have a smart cat! Maybe he could do TV work? I understand your frustration; Munchkin is ALWAYS trying to get at my fish, but he's very special in that he NEVER tries to harm them. All he does is sits up on the dresser (doesn't knock anything over) and just watches the fish. So don't view what A-rod does as a fault. Cats are just naturally curious, so try showing him the things that he's always trying to get at, and after a few sniffs and investigating he may be satisfied. If not, then tell him that you don't want him up there, and just put him back on the ground. As for the closet door, you can get a latch for it. But I think that that's a real cool skill, opening a door! Hope this helps, Munchkin
  • Jennifer BowermanJennifer Bowerman Kansas CityMember Posts: 4,601
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    Sounds like A-Rod is a very energetic & curious kitty. He's still new at this -Learning what its like to be a kitten in a new home with so many interesting new things to discover! I agree with everyone else. He should have toys and play areas that distract him and plenty of love and patience -Kittens will be kittens, but as they grow they can also learn boundaries. Be creative! He could have his own toy box, that he can get in and out of instead of your closet.
  • Becky SquireBecky Squire Member Posts: 1
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    It sounds like A-rod might need a playmate? If he is alone during the day he will get bored and therefore get into things to keep him occupied. If you don't have another cat for him to interact with you might want to consider a playmate for him? Also lot's of toys and things for him to play with and keep him occupied might help.
  • Anna MaripuuAnna Maripuu Washington D.C.Member Posts: 7
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    Getting angry at a cat won't solve anything. They don't understand human emotions that way. He is probably just a normal kitten who is curious and learning and developing. He's not trying to be "bad". He's just being a cat. If you can't accept him and his cat behaviour, maybe you shouldn't have a pet. It makes me very sad that you are getting angry with a little kitten and that you are considering just getting rid of him. Why did you get him in the first place? If you really want to love and bond with this kitten, just let him be a kitten, try to understand what makes him click, how he views the world, and what his motivations are. You cannot ascribe human emotions to him. But you can have patience and learn to see the world through his eyes, instead of your own. Cats are very smart animals. If there is something you don't want him getting into, figure out a spot he can't get at, and put the things there. Just don't get mad at him.
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