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My cat Friend kitty is having kidney problems, he can't pee, do I have to put him to sleep? My mom says not right away but at the end of this summer, i this true? He is an old cat but I want him to feel better, how do I do it? Does his food help him, mom says Smart diet will help is this true? What is good cat food?

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  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    Work with your vet, dear. My human had a cat with kidney disease, which is very common among cats and one of the most common causes of cat death. My human's vet at the time was a kind man but not a very scientific doctor, so my human is not an expert on this problem, but has heard of special foods for cats with kidney problems. Look it up on the Internet AND visit your vet. As for putting him to human's former vet didn't believe in putting animals to sleep unless they were obviously suffering, and my step-sister over the Rainbow Bridge, after several years with kidney disease, simply fell into a coma-like sleep and died peacefully. American vets are into putting animals to sleep when they are dying, but I often wonder...would you do that to Granpa? This is a big issue for you to face--whether putting your kitty to sleep is kinder (to your kitty and to YOU--it's not easy to tell the doctor to put down your friend), or to let him die naturally. Anyway, see your vet!
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    Friend Spot is right. If kitty has never been to the vets, this is the time for him to go to the doctor's. He could just have a kidney stone blocking his "tubes" which could be removed and he could be treated and be OK. Food will help prevent kidney problems in a male cat,but not cure them. Only your vet can tell you what's wrong with kitty and make suggestions from there. Your mom may be thinking that kitty has given you a lot of good times and he deserves to go in peace before he's in a lot of pain. We have this right of humane euthanasia with animals. We don't with people, agreed. But when my grandma was in a coma in bed and we had to change her diapers and she was in pain, I have to think that she NEVER would have wanted us to see her this way or to end up this way. Please have a conversation with your vet (take your Mom along, of course) and see what the doctor thinks is best to do for your old friend. We will keep you and your family in our hearts and prayers!
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