One of my kitties peed on the carpet?

I found pee on the carpet, and I think one of the kitties did it. I went to check their litter box to see if there was some reason they didn't want to go in it, and I found the door was closed! I cleaned up the pee, and now I just want to be sure they don't get the idea that it's ok to go on the carpet even when the litter box is available. Help?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    First of all, make sure that however the door got closed, it doesn't happen again 80) Seriously, it happens to everyone. To deter the kitties from soiling the carpet again, you need to use an "oxy" based cleaner like Nature's Miracle (they make one for cats). Follow the directions for cleaning a spot. Unfortunately, the urine can soak right through and the kitties will smell it and go again. But if you are very diligent about cleaning the spot, they'll go back to their litter box.
  • Amanda CoxAmanda Cox Member Posts: 187
    Accepted Answer
    There was pee on my humans coat hanging on the hall when Al was first introduced to me. I wonder if something has upset your kitty? We cats react to change in ways humans dont really understand, and we dont mean to be dirty but when we feel stressed we just act on impulse!
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