a rescued cat, vomitting for over a month, big weight loss, need help!!

This cat(Charlie) was rescued with an animal bite on his right side of his head. He has been vomitting for over a month. He has lost a lot of weight(see picture before he got sick, 14 pounds, now under 7pds, he lost all muscle mass). He is lethargic. The vet put him on Amoxicillin, and anti-vomitting medication. It didn't help with his vomitting. We took him to another vet. This vet put him on prednisone, Raglan, and pepsid. He has been taking prednisone for 7 days. It doesn't help. He doesn't drink and eat himself. We have to hand feed him. He throws it up right after he eats. He had CBC(complete blood cout) and urinanalysis. They all turned out normal. He has no diarrhia. His stool is tiny and dark. His vomitting stuff is white sticky stuff with food. When he vomits, he grinds his teeth hard, gagging and retching. He looks awful. He has lots of dandruff. He doesn't move around but lying in his bed all the time. We are desperate to get help for this little guy!! Please help!

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  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
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    You NEED to see an internal medicine specialist. Please contact one asap!!!! http://www.acvim.org/Specialist/Search.aspx
  • Amanda CoxAmanda Cox Member Posts: 187
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    Hard stools eh? If that were a human, they would change their diet and drink more water. A stool softening food, supplement or medicine might help. I threw up a lot after I ate, that was to do with me being a rescue cat and also being very highly strung (I am half siamese, you see), I ate too quickly and was also picky sometimes. Maybe you need to think about the cats personality as well as their body, their mental well-being has a HUGE impact on their physical well-being. This might be a factor in the dandruff and lethargy as well. Watch Charlie carefully for a few days, take note of his general behaviour and mood, take some notes if you like, then discuss what you see with the vet. My vet takes my moods VERY seriously!
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Hunter is right. It sounds like something is going on with this little guy that is beyond the scope of what your vet can do. There are Veterinary Referral Clinics in just about every city. We have a great one here in Cleveland, Ohio that saved my dog Cady's life a few years ago. It's expensive, but because of them, my dog is still alive. Your vet can recommend one of these VRCs to you. Please pawmail us and let us know what you find out and how he's doing!
  • terri echolsterri echols kalamazooMember Posts: 4,758
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    by all means, get a referral like izzie and hunter say. charlie needs help that a general practitioner vet can't handle. in the meantime, what are you feeding him? would wet food 'whet' his appetite and maybe be more easily digestible? just a little offered at a time? will he drink Cat Sip (milk specially formulated for kitties)...or try KMR (replacement milk for kittens, like Just Born-i know he's not a newborn, but it's high calorie and nutritious-like pediasure for a kid). i hear some catsters have had good luck with baby food, but make sure there's no garlic or onion powder in it. those are just off the top of my pointy head suggestions that might help him get some food to get down and stay down-by all means get him to a specialist as soon as you can. best of luck...hugs and eye blink kisses.
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