2 year old cat urinating in house being copied by younger 8 month old

My 2 year old spayed cat has had some urinary tract problems for 7 months now and has been urinating on carpet, rugs, clothes, etc. My younger 8 month old cat (who is not spayed and has no urinary tract problems) has just recently started copying the behavior. I have bought sprays that are said to keep cats from soiling certain areas, but they aren't working. I know there is not much I can do about my older cat except antibiotics to treat the recurring infection (which haven't helped thus far, and I'm very poor and can't afford so much to take her to the vet every two weeks just to be diagnosed with the same thing and given the same antibiotic), but is there anything I can do about my younger cat's behavior? Also, any other advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Actually, the younger kitty isn't "copycatting", but covering. Because she's not spayed, she feels the need to leave her own scent over the 2 yr. old's. If the older kitty has a recurrent uti and your vet keeps giving you the same thing, then you might need to change vets or at least get a second opinion. Check shelters and humane organizations in your area for low-cost vet care including spay for the younger kitty. Once she's spayed, she may not feel such a strong need to cover. Make sure #2 has her own litter box, also. Cats like their own box. In addition, you need to thoroughly disinfect and de-scent the places the older cat has peed or the younger one will continue to cover. Sprays don't cover the scent. Cats can still pick it up. Research ways to remove urine scent on this site and also elsewhere on the Internet.
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