My 4 week old kitty isn't eating from his mother. So I've been feeding him from a syringe. What can

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My cat had a litter about a month ago and she brought them out about a week ago. One of the kitties now won't eat, even from her and his eyes are filled with puss. We're worried about this little guy so we've brought him inside, since it's hot outside and are now force feeding him. Is it a cold or conjunctivitis or both? I want to take him to the vet first thing tomorrow, but what can I do meanwhile?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    First of all you must keep the kitten warm. Use a heating pad on low. Place a couple layers of towels on top of the heating pad and have some area for the kitten to move off of the heating pad in case it gets too warm. You can also set a small stuffed animal nearby(especially important if you are working with a single kitten) for the him to cuddle with. Make sure you are feeding KMR--kitten milk replacement. There's no way that we here can tell what's wrong with the kitten without seeing him. It might not be a bad idea to take him to an emergency clinic tonight as he might not make it through the night. God bless him and good luck.
  • katherine Likelykatherine Likely YelmMember Posts: 63
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    He probably does have a cold in the eyes and they need to be cleaned out immediately, Get a warm wet soft cloth and clean them out. Puss must be kept out of their wee eyes when mom is not taking care of the matter. After his eyes ae clean, you could hold mom in your lap and put him up to the nipple, maybe dab some can milk on the niple and in his mouth so he ges the idea, that the good stuff is there. Yes, take him to the vet.
  • MrD_Sam_RazaMrD_Sam_Raza New ZealandMember Posts: 2,511 ✭✭✭
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    I would take the whole gang in, just incase it's also from the mother. Kittens tend to feed from a prefered nipple, maybe mum has an infection. Just a thought.
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysMember Posts: 15,800
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    Good luck. I've had a stray cat that liked me have a litter before, but there were no problems so I'm afraid I can't help you much. Don't squeeze the syringe too fast.
  • Jennifer TannerJennifer Tanner Member Posts: 31
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    Poe had conjunctivitis when she was a kitten and that is what that sounds like, but you are doing the right thing taking it to the vet. Make sure you are giving it milk replacement formula since they do make cat milk for adult cats as a treat. Also, consider getting him an actual bottle for nursing small animals and kittens. Even though it's hot outside make sure he stays warm inside. Also, baby kittens that are still nursing generally need to be offered milk every 2-3 hours. Good Luck!
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