My kitten still has stuffy & snotty nose (Vet said it is an upper Resp. Infec.) it is going on 4 wee

My 17 week old Sphynx kitten still has a stuffy and snotty nose after 4 weeks. He eat good and plays a lot. He has been through 2 different antibiotic and he is on vitamins and Lysine daily. Should he not be getting better by now? I have another vet appointment May 17. But could it be something else? My other cat has not caught a Resp. Infection yet.

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  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
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    URI's can be nasty. I came down with a severe URI when I was 7 weeks old (probably got it at the humane society I was adopted from). Viruses have to run their course and secondary bacterial infections need to be treated. I was so sick at one point I was so sick I was on 2 different antibiotics and Lysine all at the same time! My vet also said kittens don't handle the virus as well as adults - their immune system is just not developed well enough yet. She said I would handle the virus better the closer I got to maturity (8-12 months) - and I did, but it was rough getting there! Most distemper vaccines also provide protection against URI's, although no vaccine is ever 100% effective. Being healthy enough to be neutered at 6 months was an accomplishment. Remember that the virus never goes away, it just goes dormant. Stress can trigger an URI. This can be very frustrating to treat, especially kittens, but he will get better. Keep your vet updated and hang in there!
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