The skin around my eyes is a little red and swollen and I have been scratching lately. What could be

I just started doing this yesterday after being outside for a bit on Sunday (I am mostly an indoor cat). I am also on Prednisone for what we think is IBD and I didn't know if the scratching and red swollen skin around my eyes could be a side-effect from the Prednisone (although I have been on it for a month).

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  • Calindy MannCalindy Mann Member Posts: 173
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    it could just be kitty allergies since he went outside and is usually an indoor cat. If it keeps up for more than a couple days or gets worse I would see a vet. You can try rinsing out his eyes with a little bottles distilled water in a sterilized dropper(purified or tap both have minerals that can sting kittys eyes)in case he got something in his eyes. It could also be kitty conjutivitis, if it's the bacterial type it would need antiboitics, if it's the viral type it'll clear on it's own in a couple weeks, antibiotics won't help the viral type. Or it could be a upper respitory infection, if he gets a runny nose/eye discharge/fever/sneezing/etc. he would need meds for that too.
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