sleeping time for new kittens

I have 2 american & domestic shorthair kittens. Their names are Pebbles & Bambam. Pebbles is really patient & calm. While Bambam is impatient & jumpy. When I lay down to sleep, Bambam tends to think of my fingers mainly as some kind of a toy or small animal maybe. He tries to go for it at night & early morning. I've been saying NO, really sternly like I would to a dog. & I've also tried using a spray bottle. I don't want to seperate them away from me during those times. What should I be doing?

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  • Calindy MannCalindy Mann Member Posts: 173
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    When my kittens try to bite me I gently press my fingers against the roof of their mouth or back against their tounge. It doesn't hurt them but it feels wierd to them and makes them stop. My mom would always do this with kittens I had when I was younger. Eventually they learn that biting fingers results in an uncomfortable feeling and they don't bite when playing anymore. You can also hiss at them like a cat would, that way they're being spoken to in their own language. Also, make sure tht you don't allow biting when amyone is playing with them so they don't get confused about wether or not biting is ok or not.
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