Am I lonely?

My mommy works 9-5 everyday, and we always play alot when she gets home from work. Sometimes she goes out at night with her friends and comes home late, I seem to have been asleep but she feels guilty going out after being at work all day. Should she be feeling guilty? We play alot when she is home and she always makes sure I have new water a full food bowl and clean litter box before she leaves

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  • Calindy MannCalindy Mann Member Posts: 173
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    if you do decide to get Tucker a playmate it usually works best to get a cat of the opposite gender and one that is younger (so if Tucker is a boy then you would want to get a younger female) Kittens are easier to intorduce than adult cats because it's easier for them to learn the rules and who's boss of the house rather than a grown cat who already thinks she's boss. Don't expect things to go all rosy right away as most cats are territorial and will take a while to get used to a newcomer. Make sure to indroduce them slowly, keeping the new kitty in her own room when you are asleep or not home. Always provide lots of loves and treats when they are together and extra attention for Tucker so he knows that he's still number one cat.
  • Tanya MundyTanya Mundy boulderMember Posts: 763
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    The vet on Catster, dr. Barkus (sp?) reminded us that unlike dogs, cats are by nature, more independant, non-pack oriented animals. There is nothing wrong at all with your cat being an only cat, or a cat in a household of several pets. Your cat is not lonely at all, as long as you are spending some time each day with Tucker! Some people would suggest another cat, but remember a new cat isn't for Tucker, a new cat is for YOU. Tucker may or may not get along with a new cat, and it won't chage how he feels in relation to you. ! good luck!
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