Does cat poop smells bad for our health?

joanna viradorjoanna virador cebu city, digos city, quezon Member Posts: 3
I have 21 indoor cats and they all poop in the bathroom, in the morning when all their poop in the bathroom are really smells bad and my mother said that the smell of cat poop is bad for the health is it true?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    The only way that cat feces would be bad for your health is if you aren't very good about cleaning the boxes or if they eliminate on the floor or in the sink or tub and you touch it or step in it and track it through the rest of your house. You need to wash out the boxes regularly and replace the litter. And whenever you touch the boxes, litter or the cats, you need to wash your hands thoroughly. The smell itself will not cause you harm. However, if just one of your cats isn't healthy, diseases can be spread to the other cats by contact with the sick cat's feces. And, if your cats should have worms, you CAN get sick from that. Your vet needs to test a sample of the feces to determine if the cats have worms.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    Very interesting question. You sure have a lot of cats! I hope you have a BIG bathroom! Anyway, as for the ODOR of the cats causing health problems--common sense would say this isn't true. After all, we humans defecate and pass wind, and while the smell not be so sweet, we don't get sick! In fact, your question intrigued me so much that I looked it up on the Internet, but came up with no evidence that the mere odor of cat feces causes a health problem. As Izzie says, it's contact with the feces, either by humans or other cats, that can cause health problems. With that many cats, you've got to work extra hard to keep the litter boxes clean, the house clean, and your hands clean--and make sure that the cats aren't giving each other worms, etc. But small scale catteries, like the one I came from, average about 20 cats, and they are usually very clean, so it CAN be done! Good luck!
  • Myndi DavisMyndi Davis LehiMember Posts: 215
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    As Izzie & Leila said, you should make sure you are washing your hands after handling litter. You can get intestinal parasites from handling infected feces, so make sure your cats are dewormed routinely & that you wash your hands after cleaning the litter boxes. You can also get toxoplasmosis from handling cat feces. This is very dangerous for pregnant women or people who are immuno compromised, but generally doesn't affect healthy people. your mom could be referring to the ammonia content in cat urine, if you have alot of cats urinating & defecating in a small area with bad air circulation, the ammonia can be overpowering. exposure to strong ammonia odors can irritate your mucous membranes, lung, and eyes. It can cause nausea & a temporary loss of sense of smell. It can also cause an increased heart-rate. The best way to avoid this is to scoop your litter boxes often, routinely scrub the litter boxes clean & replace the litter, and make sure you have air circulating in the bathroom.
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