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we just got Cow and Bahji a couple months ago and we've been shuting thm out of the bedroom at night because I'm afraid of us rolling over on them because they like to crawl under the covers. My hubby is a very deep sleeper so he wouldn't notice the squirming if he did( plus hes a really big guy) but I'd wake up if i did because I'm a light sleeper. (i'm not so big) We want to be able to have the bedroom door open at night so it's not so hot and stuffy in the room. Also I don't want to lock them in a room for the night cause they cry and keep me awake all night. Is there any real valid concern of them getting squished by us in our sleep? thanks

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Well, anything is possible, of course. But most often, when an animal feels like it's in "danger" it will squeal or let out a real loud yell. Even your husband would wake up! I'll bet your two babies will sleep a) on your heads b) on your feet c) between your legs d) mosly by their mom. Izzie likes to crawl under the covers but not when it's hot out. We sleep with two or more animals every night, depending on who needs a little mom/dad TLC. We've never rolled over on any of them. If you're that concerned, you can get a bigger bed (no really) so there's room for all. If you're afraid of hot/stuffiness, get a ceiling fan and/or open the window if you have one. Personally, our cats are usually out of our room because Izzie chases bed mice with his teeth and claws. Ernie behaves and so does Delilah but I can't just lock Izzie out. Try it and see how it goes, My DH is very large too and I've learned that an elbow poke in the back usually keep him from rolling over on ANY of us. ;-)
  • Amanda SundbergAmanda Sundberg TulsaMember Posts: 257
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    It won't be a matter of just squirming and squaking if your hubby rolls over because deep sleeper or not those kittens are going to bite and scratch and scream and he WILL feel it if nothing else. You would be extremely surprised how loud a kitten can get.
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisMember Posts: 1,425
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    Trust me on this from personal experience, if you roll over on the cat, the cat will let you know in no uncertain terms. Claws at 2:30 a.m. will get your attention. MOL We sleep with our bedroom door open, but Oscar rarely sleeps with us. If he does, it's on top of the covers at the foot of the bed. Of course, he wouldn't have much room between the two dogs who sleep with us. :D He has his favorite spot on the back of the recliner where he usually sleeps.
  • Tanya MundyTanya Mundy boulderMember Posts: 763
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    Also, cats are quite smart. if they realize daddy rolls, they'll get the hell out of the way. :-) mine have learnd that i roll a lot before i fall asleep, but my hubby tells me that both cats sleep right next to me, once i really hit my sleep stride. i have to take his word for that. ;-)
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