why does my stray cat bleed from his nose and mouth?

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  • Christine UnversawChristine Unversaw EvanstonMember Posts: 3,321
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    No idea, but that's not good. Would recommend getting to the vet, NOW.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
    Accepted Answer
    Yes, go to an emergency vet if it's after hours. If payment is a problem, you could try asking the SPCA or Humane Society about vets who will let you pay on the installment plan. I have no idea what's wrong with your cat, either, but some kind of accident (like being hit by a car) is a possibility. Cats are good at hiding how much pain they're in, so even if he's not acting like he's in too much pain, bleeding from the nose and mouth is a VERY serious symptom. Get him to the vet ASAP. Our purrs are with you. Let us know how it works out.
  • Irene MitchellIrene Mitchell YumaMember Posts: 218
    Accepted Answer
    It could be a variety of things, especially if he's a stray and you don't know much about his history or what he does while he's out and about. One thing that comes to mind though is calici. Is there just bleeding from inside his nose and mouth, or do you see bleeding from sores or ulcers around the nose and mouth? With calici you often see ulcers in those areas, and they usually have upper respiratory type symptoms too (runny eyes, sneezing, etc). You should definitely take him to a vet right away.
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