My little kitten is having trouble going potty. I have to make the little kitten go potty every day

I have a six week old kitten that will not go potty on its own. I have to purge him every day. Does anyone have an advice or know how to deal with this. This is a stray that will go to a shelter at some point. It is not growing well. I am wondering if it has a twisted colon and if there is anything that I can do to give it or help it to grow and go potty on its own. Vicky

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  • Colleen MoceriColleen Moceri Sterling HeightsMember Posts: 30
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    This is not a normal situation. You should only have to help it express itselt for the few weeks, by 6 weeks it should be going on it's own for sure. Are you sure of the age? IT NEEDS TO SEE A VET IMMEDIATELY! A blockage will kiil the poor thing and it could be suffering immeasurably without you knowing...
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Bear is right. If by "purging", you mean enemas, then that could be doing more damage than good. It's like the person who takes laxatives every day. Soon, the person is dependent on them and their body shuts down without the extra help. Please take this baby to the vet as soon as you can. There is nothing you can do for it until you talk to a professional and make sure there are no health/internal issues.
  • Cynthia LeathersCynthia Leathers Member Posts: 131
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    What do you mean by "purge him every day"? If you mean you use a warm wet washcloth and rub his private parts very gently to stimulate his potty functions, that is normal for a small kitten. But a kitten that is 6 weeks old that isn't peeing and pooping on his own isn't normal. Is he eating solid food? If he is, and he can't poop on his own, he may be constipated. He needs both wet and dry kitten food and access to water. At 6 weeks they are ready to start trying kitten food. You need to take him to a vet to see what is going on. Please do this immediately and don't try to take care of it yourself. This kitten could be in terrible pain.
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