Ash SavAsh Sav MonctonMember Posts: 25
My cat has to my knowledge only gone number 2 a few times in the last week much less then normal (the strangest part it was in the kitchen on the floor both times) Ive been watching her and it looks as if her bum is swollen... This has been ever since she had her kittens 6 days ago P.s. Its like shes afraid of the litter box as well

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  • Reverend Shawn ConleyReverend Shawn Conley Community at largeMember Posts: 3
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    Mmeeelloo! Your darling is trying to tell you something is not right. Please take her to the vet A.S.A.P. When we "mess" in odd places, in plain sight, we are not trying to hide it, we are trying to say, "Hey, I need a visit to my Doctor" She knows the kitchen is where you spend time and will see her situation. Please do not be mad at her, she is hurting! If she recently had a litter, she may have a blockage, tear or dehydration. Although we can not "talk" human, we CAN converse via body language, eye contact and "acting-out" but will never show our true pain as this is not in our nature. In the "wild" this is a sign of weakness and gives the advantage to our predatators. We hope this helps. Got Tuna? Mazy, Merlin and Cosmo. {and DADDY}
  • Cristina HenryCristina Henry AshburnMember Posts: 482
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    Yes, a vet trip should be your first step in this case. If constipation is the problem, try a few spoonfuls of canned pumpkin. Cats like the taste and pumpkin is a great source of fiber.
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