Vaccinating your animals at home?

Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
With six animals, it seems like I am always going to the vet. All summer, every few weeks I have to put one of them in the car and make the road trip to the doctor's for their shots. I'd like to give them their vaccinations at home. Fosters & Smith sells the vaccines and as a former animal rescue volunteer, I know how to give vaccines. My question(s) is (are), how do you deal with your vet when you want to do this? My vet has a business to run, and I don't think they would appreciate my asking them to write prescriptions for vaccines when they won't be profiting from it. I could probably buy the vaccines from them, but I know they'd charge more than F&S. With all these animals in the house, our vet bill each year is usually close to $1000 and that's just for "well-pet" care-it doesn't include teeth-cleaning and unexpected visits for problems. Any advice on how to approach my vet with this is much appreciated!

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  • Cat Ladies SocietyCat Ladies Society Struthers, OhioMember Posts: 9
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    For the majority of cat vaccines, you won't need a prescription. The basic 4-in-1 and 5-in-1 vaccines are over the counter. Just order them from Drs. Foster & Smith. The only vaccine I know of that you will not be able to give at home is a rabies vaccine. Due to state regulations, this can only be administered by a licensed veterinarian. That doesn't mean you have to spend money o a vet visit to get it though. Contact your local dog warden and county health department. There are usually clinics where you can get rabies vaccinations for free or just a few dollars. Most importantly, order one of the ealth record sheets they sell. Keep track of what your cat receives and when. If you need to take them to the vet for an emergency or a problem out of the ordinary, you just take those records with you. Hope this helps! Maria
  • Robby PaulsenRobby Paulsen SycamoreMember Posts: 64
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    I give my herd all of their vaccines at home except rabies too. None of the other vaccines require scrips. Rabies, being the only disease that is transmissable to humans has to be vet administered in all states I believe. I go to PetCo for some of the rabies shots too. Go online and check out several different suppliers for prices and products. The prices vary quite a bit, and so are the quantities that you can buy. Some sell prepackaged single doses with syringes. I usually buy my syringes at Farm and Fleet, they sell them with needles for livestock use in packs of 3-10 depending on size. As far as you vet goes, it shouldn`t bother him, just explain that you`re trying to cut down on expenses, it`s not like you won`t EVER bring your guys back to him for other stuff. If he doesn`t like it try to find another one who doesn`t mind.
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