Dirty eyes???

Stacey BeddowsStacey Beddows CoalvilleMember Posts: 9
My brother Sammy always seems to have brown, crusty dirt around his eyes. His mum always cleans his eyes bit it comes back. He is not sneezing or showing an symptoms of illness. His eyes do not look irritated or sore, and his third eye lid is not showing. Is his mummy worrying over nothing? Please help! Leo xxx

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Hi, Leo. You are such a good brofur for worrying about Sammy. Cats don't get many eye diseases as such. One of the most common is conjunctivitis or "pink eye". If you say that Sammy's eyes don't look irritated, that's probably not what it is. But, your mum may want to take Sammy to the vet's anyway if she is worried because doctors have special instruments and they can really get a good look at his eyes. It's probably just a normal "eye booger" type thing. My sisfur Cady gets them all the time, not just in the morning when she wakes up. If your mum notices that the light or sun seems to bother Sammy or that he's squinting or his eyes are tearing or look watery, then a vet visit is definitely in order.
  • Cristina HenryCristina Henry AshburnMember Posts: 482
    Accepted Answer
    Try a higher quality cat food. Sometimes, poor quality cat food with by-products and/or chemicals can cause this problem.
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