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  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    Is the broken leg the only thing wrong with her (no congenital diseases/deformities, etc.)? I would go to another vet and get another opinioin, ASAP. And next time, always be sure to get the vet to give you a clear diagnosis that you can understand, and that he/she gives acceptable reasons for the treatment being recommended. Do NOT put your kitty to sleep until you get a second opinion! Good luck!
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    Unles there is something else major wrong with your kitten your vet shouldn't be recommending putting her to sleep. Even if the leg is so badly broken that it can't be saved cats can get about fine with 3 legs. Call around and find a new vet. Catster has a vet locactor on the site that may help you find a better vet.
  • stef andstef and LemesosMember Posts: 1,132
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    If it is JUST a broken leg which hasn't cause anything else then there's no need of putting the poor kitty down. I think you should get a second and third opinion before deciding what to do.
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    i had a cat Nikki that was hit by a car and her leg was busted pretty bad. the vet wanted over $1000 for surgery and to pin her leg. I couldn't afford it so i told them to put her to sleep. they said they would try casting it first. after a week she somehow wormed her way out of the cast and the vet would not recast, say that she would only take it off again. i brought her home and keep her in a small crate so she couldn't move to much. to make a long story short. she healed by herself and walked just a good as she did before her accident. go take her to another vet.
  • Christine BuehlerChristine Buehler Grand BlancMember Posts: 69
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    I agree with Sassy, not reason to put it down for just a broken leg, if that is the only reason. there are a bunch of 3 leggers here on caster, my question would be to ask the vet what planet they are from and go to a real vet, you can find a vet in your area here on catster in the local section
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