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Danielle DavisDanielle Davis LebanonMember Posts: 4
First of all it isn't that my mom won't pay!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's not looking for "free" service she's just looking for a vet that will be willing to take payments for my care. We just moved to the area and haven't had a chance to establish a veterarian yet. Anyone who thinks that my mom is irresponsible and doesn't care is just RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ie: Bella, and Atrus. My mom is doing the best that she can and before we moved here which cost my mom and dad over 3000 dollars I had a very good vet. Who is now over 4 hours away. Our move is the reason my mom doesn't have any money. I was just fine with no health problems before I got out and now I'm not it's that simple. Thank you Storm for your kind and sympathetic advice. My mom & dad moved to be closer to her dad who is getting older and needs someone to be close by for help if needed. NO the problem isn't in regards to urination it is in regards to defecation. (I can't poop)

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  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    Have you tried checking out the vets listed on Catster - Click on the "Local" menu and then on the veterinarians link. It will show you vets in your area and many have been rated by Catster members. That may help you find a good one. You could also ask your old vet in case they could recommend anyone in your area - they may know someone from vet school or vet associations they are in. As a last resort if you can find a good vet that doesn't do payment plans I guess you could use a credit card and pay it off over a few months. As long as its not something more serious constipation is not too expensive to treat. The vet should be able to feel if its simple constipation by the exam. Strangelove had kidney disease and got badly constipated once and they gave her an enema (shudder!!!) and some meds called Lactulose that helped soften her stool. Good luck finding a vet and hope its just simple constipation
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    No need to get so upset...People can only post on the information you gave which wasn't clear. 2nd, If there are vets offering to put your cat down because he is constipated I guess you know what vets not to see once you line one up! & also this made it seem more serious than constipation. To help constipation...Try giving Sabor some tuna packed in oil or pick up some cat laxative at your local Walmart or Petco type store. Good luck!
  • Amanda SundbergAmanda Sundberg TulsaMember Posts: 257
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    When I moved from CA to OK I knew that I would be moving my cat and that I would be new to the area and the local vets would not accept payments from a new client so I brought along my "emergency kitty fund" in case anything happened. I was not rude, I was honest and you didn't want to hear that because you are being irresponsible and didn't give us the whole story. Try a teaspoon of pureed pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filler) if the other suggestions don't work. Other wise he will need an enema and you will have to take him to the vet for that. Bella suffers from chronic constipation and its too painful to be taken lightly.
  • Roopa RajaramadossRoopa Rajaramadoss manchesterMember Posts: 205
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    Hi, I do understand that sometimes the responses seems rude.. but am sure Bella and Atrus did not mean it that way. Its just that sometimes we get appalled by the way people login to this website to ask questions and wait for answers rather than taking the cat to the Vet. I came across a couple of questions today and was really appalled by the way paw parents postpone a vet visit.Questions like " I injured my cat tail.. waht to do?! " " My cat had a concussion, got caught under a recliner... what to do!! Such people should use their common sense and take their cats to the vet rather than asking questions here. I also ask questions often on this site, but when my cat was throwing up and i felt she had a fever and not well, I took her to the vet and then posted on the site abt her condition. That is the reason pawparents here get a little annoyed when people dont make good judgements. So dont worry. As other posters suggested, ask your prev Vet for recommendations. Good luck. Take care.
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