kitty coughing blood?

tala hejazitala hejazi JeddahMember Posts: 7
my kitten just coughed blood, it seems to have some other gooey stuff in it but it is not clear, it's just a little amount and now she;s playing all around and acting completely normal yet her breathe smells unusual...should i take her to the vet? Also all day she's been hissing at my brother probably cause he smells different since he came back from college a few days ago but when he came back before that she was acting all normal around him..why do you think that is?? he hasn't done her any harm...plz i need a reply asap.

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  • Barbara McCarthyBarbara McCarthy Member Posts: 456
    Accepted Answer
    Yes, if you're sure that it was blood you need to take her to the vet as soon as possible. Your kitten is adorable. Best of luck.
  • sophia trentsophia trent Member Posts: 101
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    pancake is right. even if you cant tell what is going on.. it could need serious medical attention
  • Robin PinkhamRobin Pinkham BangorMember Posts: 1,601
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    You should certainly contact your vet. It is hard to say what it is. It may be something simple, bu it is best to err in the way of caution when it comes to the heath of your beloved pet. One thing it could be is that she lost a baby tooth and it bled a bit. I see she is about that age. Also I looked at your page and see that Bous-bous has had some skin issues- perhaps she has a raw spot and licked it and got some blood in her mouth. But that also makes me wonder if the medicine she was given could have caused her to somehow bleed more easly in her oral tissues... See there are just so many things one can think of.- contacting your vet will likley set your mind at ease. Bous-Bous is very sweet and pretty. I hope it is a very simple issue like a lost baby tooth!
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    Accepted Answer
    I agree--any time there is blood coming from anywhere that it shouldn't, you need to get your cat to the vet as soon as possible. I'm sorry we have no magical answer for you that will cure Bous-Bous. Even if she's now acting normal and it was "just a little", there could be more bleeding inside. You need to take her to the vet now before it becomes a life or death emergency.
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