Has anyone had success using drugs to get their cat to use the litterbox?

My 10 year old will not use the litterbox. Spayed female in multicat household. Has anyone had success with prozac or valium or anything? I'm ready to cage her if drugs can't help. I appreciate all input.

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  • Glen RocheGlen Roche NYMember Posts: 66
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    We have a friend whose cat went on prozac and it helped her. Her cat was on prozac for a couple months, then went off it, and she's been much better ever since. However, you should talk to a vet to rule out other medical causes before trying the prozac. Have you been to the vet, and have you tried other things like having more litterboxes, or changing where they are located, or trying other types of litter? You might want to rule out other causes of the behavior before using the dugs? I'm having problems not using the litterbox, too, but it is likely to be related to health problems I'm having. If my physical health improves, and I still pee outside the box, I'll also look at all the options.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Jessamine is not only a beautiful kitty but she's also right. Each cat should have it's own box and I've heard you should also have one extra, especially if one is having issues. Cats don't use the box for two reasons, either there's a health problem or they are stressed out by something. If she checks out physically, (no urinary infections) then make sure she's not being bothered by the other cats when she's using the box. She may prefer a covered box, or if your boxes ARE covered, maybe she won't use a covered one. One of my cats wouldn't. Prozac and Valium are usually used for cats with hyperactivity problems. I've not heard of it being used as a house-breaking tool with cats, but anything's possible and i'm no expert. As Jessamine suggested, try experimenting with the box location, type of box and litter before you put her on medication. But if you do move her box, make sure you show her where it is. Good luck!
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