i love my sable terrible, but shes been pooping on the floor for yyears, i let her do this cos i don

she hate my male cat, simba and he hates her1

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    It sounds like you don't have a very happy house. Two cats who hate each other and one who won't use the litter box. Your female cat is using your house for a litter box because you said, by not training her to use a real litter box, that it's OK with you. She doesn't know any better. Probably the only way you can get her to use a box at this point is to shut her up in a small room with food, water and a box and force her to use a box. She won't be happy, but at least she might stop using your house for her litter pan. And, if you've tolerated the behavior between your two cats for just aslong, there probably isn't anything you can do at this point but to keep putting up with it, or find a new home for one of the cats. Maybe separating them to get the female to use the box might help them to get along.
  • Ruth SaundersRuth Saunders Member Posts: 139
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    You could try putting a litter box in the place she has picked to potty. If she uses it, that's a successful first step. If it's not in a place you like, you could gradually move it toward where you would like it, just a few inches every week or so. The important thing is to keep her using the box. There a litter called Cat Attract that is supposed to work to get a cat to use a box, or it comes as an additive you can sprinkle on litter, (looks like catnip). To prevent her from going back to her familiar spot, do a very thorough cleaning of the area she's been soiling with non-ammonia cleaning & then use an odor remover, like Simple Solution, found at pet stores. If it's a carpeted area, the pad may hold odor & should be replaced. A good rule of thumb is- 1 box per cat & 1 extra. Box/es should be in quiet area with access from 2 different directions, (so cat won't feel he/she will be ambushed while "busy"). Covered boxes can intimidate some, & may need to try different litter. Purrs!
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