How do I find out if my cat is a rag doll or part rag doll other than the info and pics I've seen on

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I was given 2 beautiful cats about 3 years ago during the evacuation of hurricane rita. A friend thought maybe she was a rag doll or atleast came from that breed. After looking at pics and reading alot of info about the ragdoll breed I agreed but I have no clue how I could find out for sure. I thought it might be easier to give away the cats she had and cats they all had if I knew what breed they came from.. We have 21 of them now we have pics of them too

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  • Chrysee HinshawChrysee Hinshaw Member Posts: 474
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    The only way to really find out for sure is to have registration papers and/or pedigree. But obviously you'd know if you had either of these, so you cannot be sure if they are purebred or not. You could verify that the previous owner purchased them from a specific cattery, but if you cannot contact the previous owner or know which cattery they are from or have their registration papers, it is basically impossible to "prove" if they are ragdolls or not. Pictures would help. If they look very much like ragdolls it is likely they are mixed breeds or even purebreds, but without registration papers and/or pedigrees it is actually impossible to prove it.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    You could try showing them in cat shows such as those sponsored by the CFA and TICA, in the Household Pet Category. A judge will give you a knowledgeable opinion--which still won't give you "proof" either way, but at least give you an idea of what your cat might be. Another possibility is to contact breeders; some breeders may not like to be pestered with questions about "is my cat a (breed)?", but if you explain it is for a good cause, you may find someone who is willing to give you advice. You can find breeders on the Internet or on the CFA website. Whatever you learn, do remember what Atrus says--you can't call a cat "purebred" without a pedigree or registration papers.
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