I am looking for a high quality food such as wellness for a cat that has been diagnosed with IBD and

About a year and a half ago I brought my 5 year old male neutered cat into the vet with blood in his feces. At this time he was diagnosed with IBD. He was on the prescription IBD diet for about 3-4 months when he started to have trouble urinating. He had a partial blockage the first time and trouble urinating the 2nd and 3rd time. After this I decided to do some research of my own. I changed his food to Wellness wet and Innova dry. I add water to both and a cranberry supplement. After about a year I brought him in yesterday with total blockage. He will be there for a total of 4 days. The vet will be prescribing Royal Canine SO. I have a hard time going from a high quality pet food like wellness to something that is not so high quality. I am worried that any bi-products in the food may bring his IBD back. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I do not want to put him through this again.

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    Unless you were put under anesthesia and have biopsies of your stomach and intestines, there is no guarantee that what you were diagnosed with was IBD. Many vets are quick to jump at the diagnosis. You need to see a specialist for this. You could have had a food allergy or a simple bout of gastroenteritis. AND you would likely be on medication for life. (trust me I work for an internal medicine specialist). The Urinary SO works for the problem it states. Preventing crystals in the urine. If you want to prevent further urinary issues I would go with the recommendations of your vet and stick with a urinary diet. If you find a food you want to buy ask your vet about the ingredients to see if it's appropriate for your condition.
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    I have been doing a lot of reading on FLUTD and these are some of my ideas. I have called and talked to only natural pet store search.onlynaturalpet.com and have come to the conclusion that its the ph in the urine so a supplement might be a good idea but not to over to the supplement because then you go the other way which is renal issues. wysong has a rx diet (very helpfull! I talked to a man named jeff) www.wysong.net FELIDAE is supposed to help crystal build up www.canidae.com Good luck hope this help
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