we have 10 week old kittens outside. will a bird pick it up and take into a tree and kill it? 2 have

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  • Samuella RuceloSamuella Rucelo TorranceMember Posts: 1
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    The only birds that might take a kitten are hawks and eagles. No yard bird will be able to pick up a bird and kill it or want too! 10 week old kittens are babies and should not be unattended outside, there are dogs and other cats that might harm or kill a kitten. What other animals do you have around? Tom cats might be coming around for MOM again she will be in heat and they will be after her and if they find a baby they might kill it. I really wonder why would you ask about a bird killing a kitten? There are CAT BIRDS which I am not sure of their true names but they make a sound like a cat, and they do ATTACK by zooming down and pecking at them but a kitten is too big to be carried off...and only birds of prey have claws and talons for picking up small animals
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    I wrote the same answer in response to your second version of this question: it is a fact that Tokyo crows, which are enormous and omnivorous, eat kittens, and probably cats as well. My cat Spot was rescued by a good Samaritan who witnessed Spot's kitten siblings being eaten by crows, and a friend of mine who spends a lot of time exercising in a crow-infested park says he sees crows carrying off feral kittens for lunch all the time. I don't know about American crows or other birds, but there ARE without question species of birds who eat kittens. Be forewarned.
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    It is hard to understand why you would kepp 10 week old kittens outside. Perhaps they are from a ferel cat? Yes they WILL dissappear. Hawks will get them when the mom is out hunting for food- other animals-raccoons and dogs etc could get them. I URGE you to call Animal Care and Control or some organization to collect the ones who ARE alive. ALso- Get the female SPAYED.
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