Zoophilic diarrhea redux

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Thanks, Bella, for your input. Okay, it looks like we ALL have to be checked out in this household. If one cat has parasites, the others do, too. And who knows what I've caught from them. However....the last time I took Herbie (the cat hoarder rescued cat) to the vet, the vet took a stool sample on site (via rectal thermometer) and there were no roundworm eggs or other evidence of parasites. Herbie had been dewormed around two weeks before this visit. One of the problems of multiple cat households is that you simply cannot distinguish between stools for a stool sample. In any event, does anyone know about how feline roundworm infestation manifests itself in humans?

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  • terri echolsterri echols kalamazooMember Posts: 4,758
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    http://www.cdc.gov./ncidod/dpd/parasites/toxocara/factsht_toxocara.htm (READ POST FIRST) yes, roundworms are transmissible. diarrhea is not typically the first sign in humans. typically, it manifests as a respiratory sort of thing...asthma or pneumonia. fever, coughing, etc. roundworms tend to go for the liver or the lungs in humans, apparently. doesn't mean they don't go other places. yes, i know you've had a respiratory infection that won't clear up, please do not assume you have worms in your lungs, please call me before you freak out entirely, if you think you're going to freak, call me before you check the link.
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