FIP. What am I going to do?

Hello anyone who reads this. My cat Kyle went to the vet today to have his left eye checked. It had these little black dots and cloudy. Within 5 minutes of her examining him she told me it might be FIP. I was informed it's very hard to diagnose but I was scared because that was the only thing she mentioned FIP. He was 6.9 lbs when I adopted him and is now 6.2 lbs. He used to eat like every meal was his last until a few weeks ago where he became very picky. I tried differant flavored foods and found Turkey is his favorite. He still is very picky but is eating much more than he did. He loves his wet food especially. I give him the choice of wet food or dry and he eats what he wants. He was very playful and suddenly became a love. Just wanted to lay with me. I just thought maybe he was growing out of his kitten phase. I am lost. I read so much about FIP and am now a ball of tears...I will find out Monday with his blood work.

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  • Diane LangDiane Lang Member Posts: 70
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    i am so sorry for your anguish. Now I had a cat that was diagnosed with fip. The vet wanted me to put him down immediately following diagnosis. I refused and tommy has been with me pretty much normal for the last two years. He is an indoor cat we just have to watch for infections. Hope this helps
  • Melanie CMelanie C North CAMember Posts: 30
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    My kitty Mala was diagnosed with FIP but lived a full life of 13 years, and when she did go it was her kidneys, not the FIP! She never had any trouble with the FIP at all. I hope you get some good news on Monday and that Kyle feels better soon.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    The Gang here at "The Zoo" and I will keep you and Kyle in our hearts and prayers and pray that the blood work comes out A-OK. Please know every cat I've had was (is) picky eater. If they're really sick, they just stop eating and shut down all together. And, his personality change could be him growing up. Izzie is a lap cat now where before,he was trying out for NASCAR pretty much all the time. Chances are everything will be OK. The Vet should not have scared you by mentioning FIP until she was sure that's what it was. Please know that we are sending you cyber hugs and head bonks and let us know how it works out.
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