i found a stray cat that is coverd in lumps

hi i found a male cat 3 days ago he had a flea color on that looked like it had been on for a long time and he is skinny so i took him in and bathed him and then noticed he has large hard lumps in his neck area under jaw bone on both sides then i found he has them also in the groin area and under his pits of his front legs hes eating fine and drining ok he seems to sleep more then my other cat but i figured its cause hes been with out food so long. i would take him to a vet but i dont have the money i have set up an appointment to get him nutered in jan for free they said they would look at him then but if hes real sick or dieing i dont want to make him suffer. Any one know what they could be? or what i should do

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  • Roopa RajaramadossRoopa Rajaramadoss manchesterMember Posts: 205
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    You definitely need to check with a Vet.You have mentioned he is a stray and had a Flea collar on.So,I am guessing he was someone's long lost pet.So please take him to a vet's or call a Vet to tell them you are now accomodating a cat who seems to be a lost pet and request if they can help you by checking for a microchip or a tatoo that identifies the owner of this cat. Print up his pic and post "Cat found" fliers around your area and share them with local vets and shelters. From what you have mentioned I can only guess its a flea allergy. its just a guess! Please remove his flea collar and give him a proper flea medication that you get from the Vet. (Like advantage/ revolution/ Frontline).You can apply for care credit with your Vet and see if you can get him the much needed medical care and pay the expense in installments.He definitely needs a vet visit. Thank you for taking him in.You sound like a very nice person,so I am sure you would do what's best for the cat.Good luck & Take Care
  • Diane LangDiane Lang Member Posts: 70
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    I hope you cut the flea collar off. It was very sweet of you to take in this poor animal. I hope good things come your way. I also hope you seclude him to one room of your house if you have other animals. You didnt mention if the hard lumps were in the fur. Are they hair matts? If this kitty is eating and sleeping and drinking water that is a great sign. Most cats who are very ill do not eat at all. If this cat is un neutered someone has not taken care of this animal.
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    The places where you found the lumps are where the lymph nodes are and if they are swollen it could mean that he is fighting off an infection. Tabby's right that you really need to get him to a vet to get checked out. Many vets will see a stray for free if you ask and explain the situation. They can check if he has a microchip 1st and while he's there do a quick exam just to make sure everything seems OK.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Sassy is right. Vets are human beings with compassion for animals and many will see a stray you've rescued for free or at a reduced rate. You can also call a local shelter and they may send you to one of THEIR vets. This kitty needs professional care. And, please try to keep him separate from your other cats just in case he has something contagious. Good luck and bless you for caring about this poor little guy!
  • katerina williams-mourounakaterina williams-mourouna ChiosMember Posts: 2
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    HI. I am not a vet-but from some little experience I have, I recently had a female who began getting "cysts"-first on one side of her neck, then the other, then on her side. They were awful-but my vet told me harmless, they opened themselves, and drained. Eventually this kitty fell to a neighbor's poison (this is a little hard to explain that I live outside the US, where people put poison around their farm area and fields for the rats-but end up killing lots of kitties and dogs too)-anyway- Houdini eventually disappeared, leaving me with two kittens which passed away last week, I am still not sure from what. I have a feeling that your vet visit should not wait until January-perhaps a Bide A Wee or another place like it would take a look at him sooner. Also, keep him seperate from the other pets, as it could be something else catching...I am glad there are still people like you who will take in a stray, that proves that not everyone is hard hearted and selfish. Take care and Good Luck..
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