Vet visit is so stressful for my cat, he has a murmur and recently FLUTD (he was blocked) need advic

My cat Simon had a block, and diagnosed with FLUTD, struvite crystals. I could not do the xrays due to cost in addition to the cathetor surgery, and the ER vet said the likelihood of stones in his age is 20%. In the hospital, he held his pee, and his heart murmur went from a 2-3 grade to 3-4 grade. My normal vet wants a follow up in a week. I am so nervous the stress will cause another blockage, but understand that I should probably get an xray and urinalysis. What should I do? He is still edgy from the stress of the operation! Can I get a urine sample at home and bring it in? I think an xray would be peace of mind but I am only thinking of him. I would not be able to afford another block. Help.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Your vet may want a sterile sample, which means (under sedation) the urine is withdrawn by hypodermic right from the bladder. This sort of test gives the most accurate results. Please call your regular vet and ask for their advice on how to get your kitty to them safely and with the least amount of stress on both of you. I'm sure your vet wants to follow up to prevent another block and another trip to the (expensive) emergency clinic.
  • Kathleen BKathleen B CincinnatiMember Posts: 135
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    You can try getting a urine sample from home by using NOSORB, which your vet can sell you, my vet includes the urinalysis charge when I but the Nosorb. It's charcoal pellets that you put in a clean empty litterbox, if you van get Simon to urinate in the box of Nosorb, pour the urine into a container and take to the vet. Ask the vet how long you can store before getting the sample to them, I can't remember but you may need to refrigerate it. Also ask your vet about special diet/prescription, if he's not already on it. Good luck to you & Simon.
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