My cat screams howls and hisses with seemingly no provocation and at all times of day and night, wha

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About 2 years ago, I heard what sounded like two cats fighting in my apartment, when I investigated I found my single, then 3 year old cat running around loudly yelling, screaming, growling, hissing as if she were fighting another cat. After a series of videos of proof (she is a total angel at the vet), blood tests, x-rays and stool samples my vet was still puzzled. He put her on anti-depressants, which didn't work and she soon refused to take. Eventually someone suggested I get her a friend, so I adopted another 3 year old girl. The outbursts became less frequent and eventually stopped until 2 months ago. Now she doing it again, the other cat just looks at her puzzled, but doesn't seem bothered. Outside of times of outburst they hang out with no problem. She's also now taken to peeing in various locations around the place. Can anyone help? She wakes me up all times of night with this and does it during the day! I just don't know what to do!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!

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    I would be tempted to go back to your vet and ask to try another anti-depressant or anti-anxiety drug. Those medications have come a long way in the past few years, and like with humans, if one doesn't work, another one may. She may be having some sort of seizures that cause her to lose control of her bladder, or she may even have a bladder infection not related to her odd behavior. In any case, I'd go back to your vet and speak frankly with him. Perhaps he can refer to you a specialist.
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