I adopted a kitty on saturday . hes only three months. he was eating fine that night same as sunday.

he hasnt eaten much, he only plays for a lil bit then he goes back to sleep..... what should i do?!?

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    If you think something is seriously wrong with your kitten, you need to get him in to see your veterinarian right away. We are not vets here, so we cannot give you a full diagnosis, but we can help you solve minor problems if this is not a medical issue. Kittens go through growth spurts and tend to sleep and play a lot, so let your kitten rest if he needs to and don't bother him. Sleep helps the body repair and grow. I would be concerned about him not eating, medical reasons ruled out, I'm sure he probably just doesn't like the cat food you are giving him. Try a different brand of cat food, or try giving him canned cat food ( it smells great and most cats like it! ). To find a good kitten food, look at the ingredients and make sure there is no corn, wheat, or dyes in the food. Make sure the food is made specially for kittens. Good brands are Wellness and Innova. Brands to avoid are Cat Chow, Fancy Feast, Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Friskies, Delicat, and Meow Mix.
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    I agree with Natasha that a visit to the vet might be in needed. Is he going potty ok? If he is having trouble or is constipated that might slow him down and make him not want to eat. This can happen from the transition to a new home along with several other things caused by the stress. No matter how well you are treating him and how smoothly the homecoming went, it's a traumatic event for a baby. Blaze came home with me yesterday and thanks to having already gone through this with the others as kittens, I saw right away that she was constipated this morning. I let her eat some canned food with the big girls instead of just her kitten food and it loosened everything up and she finally went potty. We saw the vet this afternoon because I always take my kittens the first week to start a file and the vet said it worked perfectly because her intestines felt empty. Blaze is back on her feet driving everybody crazy like a kitten should.
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