My cat is meowing excessivley! Please help!

My cat, ever since he was little was always very vocal. Now though he meows so much. And it doesn't bother me when he does it ocassionally in the day. But he meows a night! I'm sleep deprived! I have another cat and they use to sleep in a same room together. I tried taking him into my room and while it seems that he meows less he still does it. I also tried spraying him with a bit of water everytime he'd meow but it really hasn't done anything. Is there anything i can do to solve this problem. I can't just let him go anywhere since all the rooms upstaires are used so he'll wake everyone else up. So i'm the one that has to deal with it. (I don't think anything hurts him because he's always been vocal) If you have any advice I'd appericiate it so much!!

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  • bridget bohannonbridget bohannon Member Posts: 20
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    One of my cats is also very vocal and has been since birth. I noticed that he gets more vocal when he wants something (usually attention) or can't find me or our other cat. about an hour before bed i play with him vigorously for at least 30 minutes. this has helped to tire him out so that he pretty much sleeps through the night. I also keep a bag of small toys by my bed that he doesn't have access to regularly. if he starts to meow in the night, i toss them out and it usually distracts him and i can go back to sleep. i also recommend ear plugs.
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