i have a 1 year old male black cat who i can not get to stop urinating in area of the house. i clean

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    Hello, Have you tried "Natures Miracle" it's a solution that not only cleans the area, but disolves the enzymes from the urine. "No Go!" is a housebreaking aid for pets. Natures Miracle and No Go! is found in most pet stores. Has your cat always urinated or did he just start? If he started recently, he may have a problem with his bladder, or if you just got a new pet, he may be marking his territory. Try the Natures Miracle or No Go if that does not work, you might want to ask your Vet for suggestions. Hope this helps.
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    If he's never been neutered getting him fixed will help reduce any territorial marking/spraying (peeing against vertical surface like walls). If he's peeing on the floor he may have a urinary tract infection and you need to take him to a vet to get checked for that and started on antibiotics if they find he doews have an infection. If he's already been neutered and doesn't have an infection then you need to figure out any behavioral issues that are causing the problem. Have you changed the position/type of litter box or changed the litter recently - if so change it back. Is there a new cat in the house - if so add another litter box in a different spot. Feliway diffusers are good for reducing anxiety and helping stop these problems. The other posters suggestion re natures miracle cleaner is good whatever the cause is. With normal cleaners cats can still smell the old urine and be attracted back but with natures miracle it completely removes the smell.
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    Is this cat desexed? If not this is because he is marking his territory. But because it is in one place, perhaps he finds that place comfortable. I'd try placing his litter box in that area to see if that works if not ask a professional for help :)
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    Just for the record, the color of the cat has no bearing on inappropriate elimination behavior.
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