My 6 month old cat has a stuffy nose and is sneezing. She doesn't have red or runny eyes. What do

No red or runny eyes Sneezing a lot no coghing breathing through nose heavily I just adopted her Acting normal

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Many times, stress (like that of being adopted and going to new surroundings) can kick in an upper respiratory infection in a cat (a kitty "cold".) A URI doesn't always include visibly "runny" eyes or coughing, but the URI can progress if not treated and get much more serious. Vets treat these infections with an antibiotic called "Clavamox". I find that my cats tolerate the liquid version, which is sent down the throat via a needle-less syringe, better than the pills. In any case, you need to take her back to the place you adopted her, if it is a shelter, for treatment. If you just adopted her, they should treat her for free since most shelters have a "guarantee" so to speak, that if the animals become ill within a certain period, they will treat at no cost. You can continue to take her to this vet if you care to. If you don't, I would strongly suggest you find your own vet and keep up with her health care. It's necessary to have a vet on board for kitty illnesses and check-ups.
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    It sounds like the beginning of an upper respiratory infection. Get her in to see the vet. The vet will probably give you an antibiotic that needs to be administered daily.
  • Tamara SwansonTamara Swanson Member Posts: 3
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    An URI (or 'cat cold') can KILL a kitten. You should take your kitty to a vet immediately. If you just adopted her, it's possible that she picked up something from the other animals at the rescue/humane society. These places try to identify which animals are sick - and quarrantine them - but they dont always catch it.
  • chico chicochico chico Member Posts: 4
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    dont take any chances as this could lead to feline distemper..which can kill a kitten..if mucos develops it is a sure sign. keep an eye on her eyes too..get her to a vet cos kittens can find it hard to battle off a cold..having been around other cats id try and rule out distemper good luck
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