my dog doesnt like my visitor(cat).what can I do to get them tp like each other?

Luna De JesusLuna De Jesus Bayamón/P.R./Puerto RicoMember Posts: 29
Yesterday night I came home with my dog to find a small cat in my front yard.I took my dog inside and then check the cat.He was scare and all wet.Probably one of the neighbors splash him some water to get him out of they're house.The thing is I left him a bowl of milk in the garage and a towel to keep him warm and now it looks like he doesnt want to leave.My dog is really close to me and now jealouse of the cat.If the cat does stay what can I do to get him to get along with my furry bff? can I tell his age and sex? He is really small.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    If you want to bring this little guy inside, you will HAVE to keep him separate from your "furry bff". Your dog may see the kitty as "prey" (like a rabbit or squirrel) and do him serious harm. Cats and dogs can get along, but it takes time and patience. If you can catch the kitty, take him to the vet, have him/her neutered/spayed, tested and vaccinated. Whenyou bring the kitty home, put it in a bathroom with food, water, a litter pan and keep the door shut. Keep your dog on a leash when you let the kitty out so you can pull him back if he goes at the cat. Your vet can also give you some tips on how to introduce the two.
  • Mickie VestMickie Vest Cincinnati/Reading OhioMember Posts: 154
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    I agree with vetting, separation and leashing the dog but there is one more step. Correcting the dog if he even looks at the kitten as prey. You being the alpha (you are, aren't you?) has the final say on who lives in the pack. Your dog will need to look at it as a member of the pack not lunch. In addition when someone else can hold the dog you should let the kitten in your lap in front of him. Love on the kitten and make sure the dog knows that the kitten is yours. I bring foster dogs into my 10 cat house hold all the time. I make it clear to the new dog what the rules are. It has worked, so far. In my case the dog is separated not the cats. I also have plenty of escape areas for the cats if the dogs get too frisky. Of course, if you don't want the kitten then take it to the shelter. Even if it is put to sleep it beats dieing cold and starving.
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