Follow up to "WE have a cat, 3yrs old, since it was a kitten and a dog that is 6 yrs old---shihTszu.

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As a followup to "WE have a cat, 3yrs old, since it was a kitten and a dog that is 6 yrs old---shihTszu. THe Cat terrorizes the dog"---Putting on soft claws, as suggested on the cat sounds very good, but we have a tough time taking the cat to a groomer or a vet...can't get her to go into her travel carrier, and scratches and bites when trying to do so. Additionally, we are unable to clip her claws--same results...We are trying to find someone to come to our house, who might know a trick to handling her, but no luck so far...any suggestions?

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    Soft Paws are Ok, but they do have to be reapplied often because they fall off and you'l have to go through the same thing again and again. Even declawing won't help because then cats tend to use their teeth. I don't remember what answers you got, but I'm sure someone told you that playtime with her humans might get her "off" the dog. And cats can be trained (never hit or yelled at) out of unacceptable behaviors. When you see her start to stalk the dog, remove the dog from the situation. Don't play with her then because then she'll stalk the dog to get you to play with her. But do institute playtimes often for the kitty during the day. She may just be bored and picking on the thing closest to her size. As for a groomer or vet coming to your home, most advertise they'll do this in the phone book or on the Internet. You can also check with friends to see if they know of anyone. I know if our vet knows of a "difficult" animal, they will come to that animal's home.
  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    I have to admit that my "perfect angel" Allie BITES when I comb her and isn't thrilled with claw trimming although I can usually trick her on that. I do one now and then when she's not paying attention, instead of trying to do them all at once. For your problem with handling her, I would suggest wearing some gardening gloves that would protect you somewhat, but still give you the dexterity to work with the cat. For the cat carrier, I would suggest one that loads from the top and not the front and also to leave it out with a blanket in it so kitty gets used to seeing it and won't fear it. My cats actually nap in theirs when I leave one out. And also check out a product on Dr Fosters and Smith called a Klaw Kontrol Bag. It confines the cat and you can release one paw at a time to clip. Or even a team effort with your girlfriend where you wrap the kitty tightly in a towel and release one paw at a time with one holding and one clipping. (gloves for both!) Good Luck!!
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