How do you get a kitten to stop bitting every time you try to play or pet.

Z LoriZ Lori CTMember Posts: 2
She 6months old now and every time you try to pet her she immediately tries to bite and wraps her legs around your arm and fights. Is this something she will grow out of? If not, how do you get her to stop.

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    It is very normal kitten behavior since it is how they play with their littermates. But she will not grow out of it unless you discourage the behavior. If she develops a habit of playing this way, then she may always do that. When it happens, take your hand away and do not continue to pet or play with her. She will have to learn that the behavior takes away the attention. Also, keep a toy handy like a small stuffed animal and replace your hand with the toy so she will learn that only the toy is ok to bite and grab. What is kind of cute now and doesn't hurt so much because she is little will be very unpleasant if it continues with adult teeth and adult claws.
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisMember Posts: 1,425
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    Allie is absolutely right. She's got the kitten crazies and that's a really common way to play. When she gets too rough, withdraw your hand and tell her NO! Withdrawal of attention is really effective in training a cat. You also need to encourage her not to use you as a toy, especially if she's not declawed. Now, it's not so bad, but adult claws HURT! ;) Oscar J. knows that he can only play-attack my arm when I'm wearing my big terry cloth robe. It's so thick I can't feel it even with his claws out.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    She will grow out of it, but like Oscar J. and Allie said, she has to be taught that this is unacceptable behavior. And the teaching has to be done by all members of the family. No one can be allowed to "rough-house" with your kitty because it will undo all the other teaching for her to play "nice". She should not be flipped over on her back since all cats will wrap their paws and claws around your arm and bite when they're on their backs.
  • Kristelle MacSweenKristelle MacSween Member Posts: 5
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    I used a little water pistol...harmless but it works. I also found making a high pitched sound when they bite let them know they had hurt me, then I would squirt if they did it again. These days I rarely need to use it. Good luck!
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