neutered long hair male cat. he was a happy cat. got a new cat. hes been crabby. he growls at me com

Rebecca IaconoRebecca Iacono AnokaMember Posts: 1
hes always been a happy cat. but now hes crabby at me. he growls and sometimes he bites. i give him more attention than my other cat to make him happy but doesn't work

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  • Jaclyn ByerlyJaclyn Byerly Member Posts: 59
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    how old is he, how old is the new cat, what gender is the new cat? these all influence how the established cat will react to a new cat. Harley attacked Mittens constantly to establish dominence. Harley is also the jealous type and has always been bad-tempered. he probably still feels like he's being replaced (like a young child when a new baby shows up). remember, the average cat has the intelligence of the average (4 year-old? i think it's 4). there ar other tips you can get to properly introduce a new pet (i just don't remember them).
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Consider how you would react if your significant other brought home someone new and said, "Honey, this person is coming to live with us forever. I still love you, but I will also love this new person. Don't be jealous, there's enough of me to go around. Oh, and you also have to love this new person." You'd be annoyed, hurt and confused, right? That doesn' mean it's hopeless, but as the "pack leader", it's up to you to juggle the relationship between the cats so everyone is happy. If you didn't separate the 2 cats when you brought the new one home, you'll have to backtrack now. If they don't already, the cats need separate boxes and food. Get some new toys that don't belong to Buddy and play with the cats. Don't favor one over the other as that promotes dominance. But don't be stingy with the cuddle time for either. If you're suddenly falling all over him, Buddy will know something's up. Don't accept biting. Be loving and fair and it will all work out.
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