6yr old spayed female cat has been meowing for two hours every day in the morning. what can i do?

for the past three weeks, my 6 yr old spayed female cat will get up at 6am and walk around the house meowing for two hours straight. i will let her outside but she goes outside then she wants to come back in after ten minutes and begins her meowing again. when my mom tries to let her outside, she just pokes her head out and turns back around. she will stop if i come to her and walk with her but she just lets me follow her around the house then once i leave her and either go back to sleep or to another room, she begins her walk through the house once again meowing. i have no idea why she keeps on meowing because i never had any problem with my 15yr old spayed female cat doing this. she is driving everyone crazy in the mornings. what can i do?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    You may need to do a little research into what went on in your home three weeks ago. Did someone leave? Did you have a lot of guests over the Holidays who may have gotten up at 6AM and fed or played with her? Have you lost another pet or family member recently? Are you aware if there are stray cats or other animals in your yard? (Don't forget that cat's hearing and senses of smell are much more developed than ours) Has anyone's schedule changed? It really sounds like she's looking for something that's not there now or like her routine has changed somehow. Is she meowing at you or just wandering around meowing? You might want to try giving her a little wet food as a treat before you retire for the night just in case she's hungry. If all else fails and she continues to disrupt the household, call your vet for their suggestions.
  • Brynna JohnsonBrynna Johnson Member Posts: 14
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    Make sure your cat has plenty of food and water. If your cat keeps meowing I would take her to the vet and have them check out what is wrong.
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